Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tights for pasty wisconsinites

Don't laugh if you run studios in California or Florida, but the tan tights often worn by my tap and jazz dancers are simply too tan for dancers in the northern states. I finally found tights that work for our pasty skin in Wisconsin. The Revolution brand Classic Pink - is actually about perfect nude color for our non-tanned dancers. The added plus is they are very affordable and of solid construction, no baggy ankles on the young dancers either. Plus they match their shoes perfectly for a very clean line.

Last year I tested these tights on all my ballet students and snuck in a few tests on the Tap classes. The result is that the Suntan/Tan traditional tights we wore for the past 8 years are out the door! Now, all classes can wear the same tights and look fantastic with all costumes.

Parents only need to buy one color, so they are saving money too. Win/Win. Thanks Revolution for supplying us with a great tight, in a great color, at a great price! (how's that for a non-paid endorsement :)

Happy recital planning... it really is almost Spring.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Losing Weight

Last fall I wrote a post about losing weight and told you I was on a personal journey to get in better shape. Well I did it. I lost 43 lbs. and feel like a million bucks. Did you know you can leap twice as high when you weigh 43 lbs. less. I almost hit my head on the ceiling! Man was that fun or what!

I had help from my Dr. and friends at Dean Health in Madison, Wis. I encourage you to talk with your Dr. and find a local program that works directly with you in the clinic. I've tried Weight Watchers and LA Weight Loss in the past and lost 15 lbs., but now with over 40 lbs. off I can say that this VLCD was the right fit for me. The trick is finding what fits for you. And being in the right frame of mind. My goal was 40 by 40. I turn 40 in March and I was determined that I wasn't going to have yet another birthday go by with regrets on my weight. And now Summer can't come fast enough, bring out the shorts and tank tops I'm ready!

Setting a good example for personal health to my own children and my dancers was also important to me. If we can't take good care of ourselves how can we expect them to? As Dance Teachers we give so many wonderful lifetime "gifts" to our students, let good health be yet another.

I Love to Dance

Since it's Valentine's Day week I thought I'd reflect and share a technique we use at our school. I call it positive psychology - each of our classes ends with a statement, a chant - it goes like this... I'm Smart. I'm Strong and I LOVE to Dance! For the past 10 years my students have been saying this same statement at the end of class, at the start of a recital and behind the closing curtain. We have it on our waiting room wall and our kids even have arm and hip movements they created for it. Some people may call it brainwashing... I'd call it a motivational mantra. And you know what? It works. Positive self talk has powerful meaning to many people and even when I'm having a tough day I say this statement to myself and I feel better. Try it, say it to yourself -- right now, say it out loud. "I'm Smart. I'm Strong and I Love to Dance!"

I give you permission to use it in your studios too. Share the love of dance and use positive psychology techniques like this to make your dance program even stronger. And for an extra boost, join DanceStudioOwner.com to get cool coloring book pages that also say I Love to Dance!

Releve' Dance Poster sample

Releve' Dance Poster sample
sample of poster