Thursday, May 24, 2012

Creating Moments to Remember - Mother/Daughter

At my recital this past weekend, we had our very first Pointe' performance.  After 11 years, it is amazing to see these children who I've worked with since they were in pre-ballet perform en Pointe'   On my morning walk the day of our final performance for the weekend, I suddenly decided that I needed to more to recognize these girls than just make an announcement -- so I decided to have the Mom's of these dancers present a single rose to them at the end of their final performance.  

As a Mom of one of these dancers myself, I just simply wanted her to know how proud I was of her and all of her hard work.  They did a simple but elegant dance titled "The Royal Wedding" with music from the actual William and Kate royal wedding.  (costumes from Curtain Call)

Before the show, I approached each of the five Mom's with my idea, each broke out in tears at the sheer mention of doing this.  I handed them a rose and gave them their instructions... every Mom cried each time.  I knew I was on to something good just seeing their reactions. 

So, at the end of the performance as they made their final portabra and pose we walked up the front steps and presented them with a single white rose.  There was not a Mom (or Dad) in the packed auditorium that didn't tear up.   It was one of those moments that transcended all things for that minute.  That mother-daughter relationship, which can be so strained at times in those teenage years...everything melted away to see the raw love between a mother and her child.  

Even the young teenagers choked up after that element of "surprise your Mom's on stage with you" look faded.   It was a moment I created for myself and my fellow dance Moms that day.   And I'm so glad I did it.   I'm sure it will become a tradition now, but that element of surprise is passed and can never be replicated.  

Creating mother-daughter moments is not something I've often thought about aside from trying to create less negative ones backstage etc.   I want the recital process to be smooth and fun for everyone - I don't like seeing stressed out mom's at the show.   So, I do work hard for that, but now after seeing every one's reaction to this event, I realize that as a Dance Teacher I have a unique opportunity to provide moments that will be so meaningful and precious that parents will crave them for themselves and will provide even greater loyalty to our Dance Academy (and yours) in the future. 

Dance does so many wonderful things - this is just one more reason why I love to be a dance teacher.

Dancingly Yours,

Ms. DeAnne  and proud Mom (she's the one in the photo in right corner) :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Love makes the world go round.   And I LOVE to dance!

I came across some tips called 10 simple steps to a healthier happier you - on Yahoo! today that really made this Broadway classic song title come alive for me.

In the Shape Magazine article, the author Jene' Luciani says, "It may sound cliche', but love truely does make the world go round."

The #8 Tip is -  Find ways to get more LOVE in your life.  Make time in your schedule to see the people you love.  Play with a child, hug your friends, tell someone you love them, and smile at someone you don't know.  These small gestures can make a big difference!

I love this advice.  We all need to bring more LOVE into our lives.  As dance teachers we get multiple chances to hug a child, play with a child, and smile at people!   What a great profession we are in.  

I think the basis of love is also rooted in confidence and that is one of the most important things we can instill in our dancers.   Personal confidence - the ability to love themselves, so they in turn can share love with others.  

At the end of every class I teach (and those that my staff teaches) we say our mantra:   I'm Smart. I'm Strong and I LOVE to Dance.   For the past 11 years we've been saying this after every class in our studio.  I'm proud of it.   This motivational statement is based in self-confidence and love.  And it works.   Even when I'm having a bad day I can say to myself "I'm Smart. I'm Strong and I LOVE to Dance!"  

A few years ago, Dance Studio Life let me publish an article on our use of this positive psychology in our dance studio.  It's linked on my website at Releve' dance posters if you wanto read it.  It's titled Winning from the Inside Out.

You should hear our backstage at the start and end of recials, when the halls and stage ring aloud with this chant from every dancer!  Gives me goosebumps every time!

Go ahead say it out loud right now....

I'm Smart.  I'm Strong and I LOVE to Dance!

It feels good doesn't it?   :)  (there's a smile from me to you)

Take some time for you today and read these tips

Dancingly yours,

Ms. DeAnne

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Releve' Dance Poster sample
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