Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcome Visitors - Any fresh ideas?

It's the all important Visitor's Day this week at our studio. A chance to show Mom and Dad, some Grandparents and a few squirrely siblings what we've been learning at class.

I generally enjoy visitor's night. It's exhausting, but I enjoy it.

As a marketing/branding tool I think it's really important to include your parents in on the progress of their students. I enjoy "teaching" the the parents how to skip backwards or forwards and letting them feel a little silly in the pre-ballet classes. Sometimes the kids make it all look a little to easy - especially when they are in full concentration because Dad's watching.

Do other studios hold Visitor Nights during class times or only exhibitions? Let me know what you do. And if you have any fun ideas.

And remember to use your Releve' dance posters - studio essential posters to Welcome Visitors to your school.

Releve' Dance Poster sample

Releve' Dance Poster sample
sample of poster