Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Love to Dance! Happy Valentine's Day

I've talked about this many times before. The importance of positive talk.  In our studio we end every class by saying "I'm Smart. I'm Strong and I Love to Dance". Not just on Valentine's day but EVERY day for the past 12 years at dance class our students have shouted, danced and sang this statement. (some classes get pretty creative). When I originally started this I did it to provide young people a chance to learn positive self talk and how important that can be in everyday life.  Back then I thought I might change out our "slogan" every few years for another... but I never could develop one that was as short and effective as I'm Smart. I'm Strong and I Love to Dance.  If you want to read more about this technique visit to read a story published in Dance Studio Life.

I encourage you to give your dancers a gift each class with a statement such as this or one you create yourself. Please feel free to use's my gift to you this Valentine's Day.

Dancingly Yours,

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